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Hi, I’m Claire, a passionate Kinesiopractor® teacher and mentor who loves her job!


Beginning my journey in nutrition and naturopathy, I ultimately found my love in Kinesiology where I’ve continued to evolve successfully for over a decade.  I fell in love with the discovery and power of Kinesiology due to its ability to address the mental and emotional aspects of health.  I believe that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can affect our physical well-being and prevent us from reaching our full potential and that Kinesiology can help us overcome and heal from a variety of ailments, including physical ones.  Kinesiology has transformed my life in many ways by assisting me to find my true love, pursue my dreams, balance my hormones, improve my mental focus, increase my energy, recover from sporting injuries and much more.  That’s why I call it psychology for the WHOLE BODY!


Your body speaks to you via several methods be it pain, stiffness, weakness, weight gain, fatigue etc.  It tells you when something is wrong and needs your attention.  Even stress can affect any part of your body and disrupt its optimal function.  Unresolved issues that you have ignored or suppressed can resurface and become chronic or acute problems. 

Kinesiology helps you address the root cause of your problems and allows your body to heal itself.  It is here where you can finally break the cycle of decline and start the cycle of healing.

I’m excited to share this powerful modality with you and support you on your journey of self-discovery, growth and achieving your goals.