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Sports Performance, Injury & Pain

Experience pain on a regular basis?? Either from a sporting injury or, a fall that has never fully healed?? Even after all the chiros, osteos, doctors and possible surgery, you still don’t have an answer!?


What if I told you the emotions/stress you experienced at the time of injury can prevent your injury from ever fully healing?! Think that’s impossible………think again!


After surgery, injury or, in the presence of pain lasting longer than a day or two, the "circuit breakers" of the receptors called Proprioceptors (messages that are sent between the brain and muscle via the central nervous system) can become "tripped" just like on your electrical box at home. When this occurs, it interrupts the response being sent from the brain to the muscles to create proper fluid movement.


Post-traumatic stress from injury or accident can prevent a site from ever fully healing and leave a person, or part of the anatomy, in a frozen state and unable to move.  Through the use of kinesiology, we can work with your body to find what has/is going on and where the emotional charge still exists. Through specific techniques, we are able to go back and address the incident fully, clear the underlying stress that still lies within and assist you to move on in your life.


What about sports performance I hear you say!.........


Want to perform better in sport but are not improving? This could be either due to your mental game, self-talk, self-sabotage, self-worth, diet or the simple mechanics of your body just letting you down. There are over 200 hundred differend techniques we can use for all of this, so why not come on in and see just what kinesiology can do for you!