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Anxiety, Stress & Emotional Well Being



Anxious.....Who isn’t!....Stressed….That too!


We are running around more manic and disconnected to ourselves than ever before.  A pill for this, a pill for that and god only knows where that’ll leave us!


Why not get to the bottom of what’s bothering you?  You may think it’s the obvious thing in your life but, I can tell you now from experience, it’s not always the case.


We all have different levels of stress and different coping strategies.  For some, the compounding amount of stress, whether it be mental or emotional is beginning to take its toll or, it already has.  I firmly believe (and this is just my belief) that anxiety stems from compounded stress and our inability to be present.  It can also be triggered by instances when we feel we don't have the correct tools/voice to deal with, process and move on from what has or, is happening.  The sad part of all this is, stress if left unaddressed can be stored in the body and unfortunately, we don't get to choose where it goes.  Your body is the barometer of your life and unresolved issues eventually fester and develop into some form of dis-ease. 


Through a plethora of stress relief techniques, we can discover what’s really bothering you and assist you to work through your issues and move forward in your life.