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"After numerous sessions with Claire, I experienced shifts in all aspects of self, especially where I was feeling stuck or limited. Claire's ability to communicate my current state though Kinesiology was thorough and easy to comprehend. I found throughout and after every session I made progress, and with Claire's approach and follow up support, it is very clear that she genuinely cares and wants to see her clients progress and improve :) Thank you Claire! If you have not tried Kinesiology before, at least give it one go, you will learn heaps"

Emilou Siegert

"I really enjoy being treated by Claire and I reccomend her to all my friends, which is not something I usually do! I wasnt sure what to expect from a kineseology session and to be honest I thought it might be quite airy-fairy without any practical application but it was totally the opposite. I learn so much about myself every time and have really seen improvements in my stress levels, health and general wellbeing. Claire is attentive, respectful and easy to get along with. She has a very down-to-earth attitude with is highly qualified. I would not hesitate in trying a session with Claire as you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!"


Tegan Berry

"I had some doubts about the benefits of kinesiology, however that is completely changed! after just one treatment I felt a big change in my mental state. I have began to trust myself again and my decision making. Claire provides a truly exceptional service, her knowledge of her trade is outstanding, however her manner and true desire to help people, are what really make it exceptional experience. "


Louise Abey

"I've only been seeing Claire for a short time and the changes that have occurred in my life have been phenomenal.  At times I suffer from anxiety which allows fear based limiting beliefs to manifest and govern my actions especially, when it comes to friendships.


Through the open and caring approach from Claire, together we have been able to identify and heal the cause of this anxiety and fear.  I am at the point where now, I have the courage to take down the walls that I put up many years ago and remove my mask to reveal the true me.  Claire provides a nurturing sacred and safe place for you to explore your past, heal old hurts and clear the space for a wondrous present. All the while with no judgement and a good belly laugh.


Thank you Claire for all you have done for and with me in a short time. I can't wait to see where our journey together takes us next.


Much love and light"

Maria Sebestyen