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My personal experience with injury & the benefits of Kinesiology


“We are emotional beings that create complexities that not all science can explain”.


A few years ago, I tore my left lateral meniscus whilst playing state league netball.  Now, technically I had a streamline recovery that included surgery and intensive physio that should have produced a textbook outcome but, as soon as I returned to play, my knee would swell like a balloon and no one could explain what was occurring, not even my specialist.


It was a Kinesiology session that delivered my breakthrough!


In one session I discovered that I had a lot going on in my private life (relationship and study) that I was subconsciously trying to avoid or, should I dare say, sidestep.

The above had contributed to my injury and post trauma issues where certain muscles and ligaments had stopped performing their role.  This created a compensation problem with incorrect muscles working a lot harder and straining under pressure.  You see, the body is so intelligent that it will compensate if something is failing to do its job properly.  KINESIOLOGY helped to improve muscle to brain communication assisting my muscles to work harmoniously and synergistically once again.


If you are on a quest for answers to an injury or sporting trauma then, start here because I guarantee Kinesiology will assist you on your healing journey!