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Hormones, Energy & Weight Management

Hormones…..they can be a bitch! But, then again, so can a downward spiral of poor food choices.

Many people don’t understand that there are huge correlations between diet, hormones, subconscious sabotages and weight gain.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as change this and do that exercise.  Ever wondered why certain people can do the exact same exercise as you, eat exactly what you did and yet, you have drastically opposite results.   Sure, different body types and many other factors come into play but, emotions, stress, hormones, detoxification pathways, toxins in your food and your environment all have huge effects on your body’s metabolism and excretory pathways.


Through tools in Kinesiology we can find your body’s response to certain foods, emotional factors and hormonal imbalances, and begin to work towards a new improved you!